Friday, June 16, 2006


Quiet week really just fettling frames for the painters and packing for the customers.
Had some powder coating done and he did a pretty good job. The powder coating I have seen in the past has been too industrial. If I could get it like an Orbit frame I had in this week I would be well impressed.
It was a nice cobalt blue metalic with decals lacquered over. Very nice. The good thing about powder coating is the toughness. Although I have seen frames in the past rot underneath the powder where a deep scratch has appeared.
I may be setting up my own boothe soon anyway and get back to stove enamelling on site. Save a lot of time sending it out. My painter does a good job but the time it adds is just too long.
I used the tig welder on some small jobs and it works well. Next step will be a nice alloy road frame.
I also have another small frame to make with 650c wheels. The only way to go when the small people want to get in an aero position.
I have another single speed coming through and a 631 road Tandem for a change, with700 x 28c I havn't built one for 700c for ages, they have usually been 26" wheel tourers.
Still time for the weekend.
bye for now.

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