Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Hi All,
It's been a busy year and most of the frames I have built have been the old traditional frames.
Built using lugs and standard sized tubing.
Nearly all track style frames for commuting.
Takes me back to when I started building frames for Tom Bromwich.
Lugless frames where just coming into fashion but at Sirius Cycles Coventry we were building and selling rapidly some nice lugged, 531 race, training and touring framesets.
Before that I built a whole load of road frames for Bromwich, again lugged,which went to Saracen. Nice frames again with chrome plated back ends.
Looks like the old style steel frames are here to stay.
I am working on a new website with prices and OTP frame sets ( yes Lugged) at competative prices.
So keep keep a look out.
No Pics at the moment I am changing computers.