Monday, October 30, 2006


Hi, out there,
I am just about to get an order for an 853 Proteam tubed frame with some nice stainless lugs.
I am looking forward to building this frame. The thought of some nice shiny lugs seems so good.
It will also have stainless fork crown, dropouts, and all the little bits and braze ons.
I will take some photos when it gets underway.
I have an 853 tandem with S and S couplings at the shoties at the moment.That will be finished in ferrari red powder. (Thats if the powder coating turns out good)
I've also finished a light road frame for a local guy, built using Columbus Spirit with stainless steel Henry James rear ends.
There is a set of Reynolds 953 just waiting to be built up. I am just collecting as much info about Tig welding it together as I can get. This is not the sort of tubing you mess around with. The price is too high. This frame is already sold to a shop up north.
I will put some pics up as things get built.

Bye for now.